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Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Carina ₱ 2,000,000 to 4,150,000 Floor Area: 72 Sqm / Lot Area: 94 Sqm
Carmela ₱ 3,179,900 Floor Area: 65 Sqm / Lot Area: 88 Sqm
Drina ₱ 4,010,700 Floor Area: 83 Sqm / Lot Area: 99 Sqm
Elaisa ₱ 4,543,100 Floor Area: 97 Sqm / Lot Area: 110 Sqm
Fatima ₱ 5,151,300 Floor Area: 110 Sqm / Lot Area: 121 Sqm
Gavina ₱ 6,338,900 Floor Area: 166 Sqm / Lot Area: 143 Sqm
Mara ₱ 2,729,500 Floor Area: 53 Sqm / Lot Area: 88 Sqm
Marga ₱ 2,014,700 Floor Area: 46 Sqm / Lot Area: 63 Sqm
Margarita (End Unit) ₱ 1,060,000 to 1,750,000 Floor Area: 46 Sqm / Lot Area: 54 Sqm
Margarita (Inner Unit) ₱ 1,060,000 to 1,750,000 Floor Area: 46 Sqm / Lot Area: 36 Sqm
Reana (End Unit) ₱ 1,732,100 Floor Area: 40 Sqm / Lot Area: 54 Sqm
Reana (Inner Unit) ₱ 1,732,100 Floor Area: 40 Sqm / Lot Area: 36 Sqm
Rina ₱ 1,942,000 Floor Area: 40 Sqm / Lot Area: 54 Sqm
Sara ₱ 1,800,000 to 2,350,000 Floor Area: 35 Sqm / Lot Area: 46 Sqm
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1:
87.5% Loanable amount
12.5% Down Payment payable in 15 months
Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
BF interest rate varies depending on the choice of bank.
Other charges are not yet included.

Camella Baliwag is now the prime new lifestyle destination and community in the province of Bulacan. With Camella Homes working on this project, future homeowners will be rest assured that they can expect the same standard of construction quality that Camella is known for. In addition, you can expect modern architectural styles with the Italian design themes for all homes built within this development. But if you have seen other developments from Camella, you can guarantee that they put a high premium on the design and aesthetics of their home development. The same can be said for this particular development.

Camella Baliwag is also located within a prime location in Bulacan, with the municipality of Baliwag on the rise. Hence, many new developments are expected to rise near and surrounding this residential community. Even without these new developments, you can enjoy easy access to major shopping and lifestyle destinations within Baliwag or any nearby provinces or municipalities.

The best reason to invest in your own property in Camella Baliwag is the flexibility of options. There are 10 house models to choose in Camella Baliwag to ensure that you have the right home fit for the size and needs of your family. Since there are more options to the house models you can get, this will also enable you to find a home that would fit into your budget. You do not have to settle for a more expensive home since you can get more flexibility with the array of house models to choose from.

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